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Daily Archives: 8th February 2018

Society Made Queer Men Of Colour A White Killer’s Prey

I was never aware of my racial otherness until I came out of the closet. That may seem like an odd thing to say. But growing up brown in the wilds of former Toronto-mayor Rob Ford’s Etobicoke, I was rarely made to feel different because of the colour of my skin. There would be the odd look when my parents ...

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Report: Chiefs cut Darrelle Revis

Mahomes has never seen anyone throw a harder pass than he can Mahomes has never seen anyone throw a harder pass than he can nfl 19h ago </span… NFL | theScore

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Big and fast: Tall players with speed to burn

Last summer, we introduced Sprint Speed — the first time a direct measurement of a player’s running speed was available publicly. As expected, Byron Buxton and <span class="token token-playerCard" id="token-AFF1F405… MLB News Index

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Cleveland Cavaliers undergo series of reported trade makeovers

In the span of roughly an hour, the Cavaliers’ swapped out six players with an average age of 30.3 years old for four players with an average age of 26.5 years old. All of the latter are meaningful rotation players. Cleveland did all of this without giving up Kevin Love or the its much sought after 2018 first-round pick from ...

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Bardot warns Putin on animal cruelty before World Cup

PARIS (AP) Brigitte Bardot, the French film star who became an animal rights activist, is using the upcoming soccer World Cup hosted by Russia to express her concerns to President Vladimir Putin about the fate of stray animals in the country. Bardot’s foundation tweeted a letter from her to Putin on Thursday, referring to what she called culling campaigns and ...

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How Jimmy Garoppolo's monster contract could become a bargain

3:54 PM ET SANTA CLARA, Calif. — With seven starts to his name after sitting behind an NFL legend for the better part of three years, a promising young quarterback once earned a lucrative contract extension without much of a sample size. At the time the deal was considered eye-opening, but it didn’t take long before the Green Bay Packers‘ ...

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