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40 years since his NHL coaching debut with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Roger Neilson's impact still felt

No one knew what to make of the curly-topped coach when he first walked into Maple Leaf Gardens, carting his workbooks, scads of paper stats and rudimentary electronics.

Forty years on, coaches around the world wonder what they’d have done without Roger Neilson. He brought the classroom to the dressing room — math, science and phys ed — yet is most revered today for cross-wiring offence, defence and forechecking to record, pause and rewind.

Neilson died in Peterborough in 2003, but Captain Video lives on, every time someone picks up a remote in a special teams meeting. The old black attache case that once held his tapes, marked with a giant Leaf logo, is now in the C…
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