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Here's Why We Say The Expression 'Hands Down'

If you’ve ever been to “hands down” the best party ever or had the most delicious meal “hands down,” you’re actually borrowing a phrase from sports terminology, or more specifically, horse racing. <div class="content-list-component bn-content-list-text yr-content-list-text text"… Sports

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Why The Kentucky Derby Horses Have Such Interesting Names

Free Drop Billy. Lone Sailor. Good Magic. Instilled Regard. If you guessed those were the names of some of the horses competing in this year’s Kentucky Derby, you’d be right. If you also thought that those words seem like they belong in a game of Mad Libs, you wouldn’t be wrong. That’s because officially naming a thoroughbred comes with some ...

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10 Ichiro Stories That'll Make You Smile

“I feel a bond with them,” Ichiro told Lofton by way of explaining his extensive secret Spanish-language shit-talking. “We’re all foreigners in a strange land … And besides, we don’t really have curse words in Japanese, so I like the fact that the Western languages allow me to say things that I otherwise can’t.” … BuzzFeed – Sports

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MLB Pitcher Punches Himself In Face Really Hard After Blowing Game

Houston Astros relief pitcher Ken Giles got a sock in the jaw for blowing Tuesday’s game ― delivered by his own hand. Watch the relief pitcher punch himself hard in the face after he was removed from a brutal outing against the New York Yankees in Houston. Giles had given up a three-run … Sports

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How Nick Foles Got Back Up

PHILADELPHIA ― Before he was the 2018 Super Bowl MVP and a civic hero, quarterback Nick Foles was a gentle, nurturing kid with white-blond hair and giant hands. That’s how I remember him, at least. Nick and I were childhood friends. His size always made him seem older and more imposing than he was. He was quiet and liked to play ...

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Trump Meets The 2018 Olympic Team, With A Few Major Absences

If members from the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic squads had to pick teams during their Friday visit to the White House, there’s one player some would avoid at all costs: President Donald Trump. <div class="content-list-component bn-content-list-text yr-content-list-text text" … Sports

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