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It's July 1, and that means Bobby Bonilla is getting paid by the Mets

Sunday is July 1, which means it is Bobby Bonilla’s day to get paid by the New York Mets.

The Mets, as part of a buyout agreement with Bonilla, will cut the former All-Star a check for $ 1,193,248.20 on July 1 every year from 2011-35. This is Bonilla’s eighth annual payment.

Why are the Mets still paying Bonilla, who hasn’t played since 2001? It’s a little complicated. 

The team released Bonilla in January 2000 even though they still owed him $ 5.9 million in salary. Rather than accept the $ 5.9 million up front, Bonilla agreed to defer the money in exch… Headlines

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