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NFL refs director on criticism: 'We call what we're told to call'

Despite a recent wave of criticism from coaches and players regarding officiating – particularly around the new roughing the passer rules – NFL Referees Association executive director Scott Green says officials are grading out with a high percentage of correct calls while adapting to the league’s evolving rule changes. “There will be issues with officiating. There always are,” Green told ...

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Union boss on another NHL lockout: 'We will see'

Sitting in a boardroom at the NHL Players’ Association’s sleek 12th-floor downtown office, a relaxed Donald Fehr doesn’t seem like a man getting ready for a fight. But the union’s executive director also makes it clear his membership isn’t prepared to be pushed around a third consecutive time with labour clouds and the possibility of another lockout already starting to ...

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Gurley confident after Rams' TNF win: 'We can't be beat right now'

The Los Angeles Rams maintained their unbeaten record with a 38-31 shootout win over the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday night, and that has some members of the team making grand proclamations. “Any team can be beat right now, but, nah, we can’t be beat right now. No ifs, ands, or buts about it,” runn… NFL | theScore

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