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Justin Trudeau Called Out For Indian 'Costumes' And Alleged Snub During Tour

OTTAWA — A clash of political ideals may be behind a perceived snub of Justin Trudeau that was making international headlines as the prime minister passed the mid-point of his week-long trip to India, one expert familiar with the region said Wednesday. Those headlines were also writing the script for the Conservative Opposition at home, who pounced on the visit ...

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Police End Search Of Toronto Property Linked To Alleged Serial Killer

TORONTO — The excavation of a Toronto property where six presumed victims of an alleged serial killer were found buried in planters has concluded without unearthing any more human remains, police said Tuesday Det. Sgt. Hank Idsinga said police have finished digging up the backyard of the home where Bruce McArthur, 66, worked as a landscaper prior to his arrest ...

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