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Harford Miracle League raising funds to build baseball field for players with special needs

The Miracle League of Harford County is spearheading an initiative to give children and adults with disabilities a place where they can play baseball by this fall — that all depends, however, on the organization’s success in raising the needed funds, according to board president Tom Walls. Walls, 64, of Forest Hill, has worked with other community organizations, such as ...

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Build a better Trout? It takes 3 players

Mike Trout can’t be duplicated. But can his value be approximated? That’s not a job for any one existing player. Instead, we must head into the laboratory to piece together a “super-player” who combines the best traits of multiple stars. And even using this experimental procedure to splice together a “monstrous” ballplayer, matching Trout’s expected 2018 production is a tough ...

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Can the Redskins sign Kirk Cousins and still build around him?

7:00 AM ET It’s not a matter of whether the Washington Redskins want to keep quarterback Kirk Cousins. It’s how much they want to pay to make it happen. That’s what the Redskins will spend the next month and a half deciding, as they’ve done the past two years. The problem is, the price tag — like the salary cap ...

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