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Torres built to last as Yankees host Rays (Jun 14, 2018)

NEW YORK — In the last few days, manager Aaron Boone has moved some things around with the lineup for the New York Yankees. He moved Didi Gregorius up to third following a two-homer game Tuesday and slotted Greg Bird seventh. One change not made by Boone was moving Gleyber Torr… FOX Sports Digital

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Frye: Cavs weren't built to sacrifice for each other

Something was clearly wrong with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Channing Frye believes the team’s problem was its chemistry on the court, not off of it. The struggling club flipped half its roster ahead of Thursday’s trade deadl… NBA | theScore

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We built a team using the most underrated players in MLB and it's … underrated

Calling anything “underrated” or “overrated” is always tough. The terms are 100 percent subjective and also somewhat nebulous. How are we defining how the item in question  is “rated” (RE: Viewed by the masses) and how do we decide that the entity is either better or worse than the widespread view? Again, it’s difficult.  It’s al… MLB Headlines

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Canada's Newest Science Ship Was Built And Designed Entirely In B.C.

The first ship built under Canada’s new national shipbuilding strategy has launched. Sir John Franklin, or Offshore Fisheries Science Vessel 1 (OFSV1), was unveiled in North Vancouver on Friday. The 63-metre vessel will be used to study the health of fish stocks and their ocean environment by the Canadian Coast Guard. It was designed and built by B.C.’s Seaspan Shipyards, ...

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Russia 2018 colourful installation built on Manezhnaya Square

<img alt="Russia 2018 colourful installation built on Manezhnaya Square" title="Russia 2018 colourful installation built on Manezhnaya Square" src="" class="i-lnd-8" ph-data-picture-index="1" ph-data-picture-id="2922511" ph-data-picture-copyright="LOC" ph-data-picture-title="Russia 2018 colourful installation built on Manezhnaya Square" ph-data-…

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How the Eagles were built into contenders at warp speed (or 88 mph, at least)

12:46 PM ET PHILADELPHIA — At the close of the 2016 season — a campaign that saw the Philadelphia Eagles finish last in the NFC East with a 7-9 record — executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman used a question about the team’s lack of wide receiver production to highlight a greater point about the hand he had ...

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