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Long donates 6 checks to Charlottesville cause

11:10 AM ET PHILADELPHIA — Eagles defensive end Chris Long will donate his first six game checks this season to fund scholarships for students in his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, his foundation announced Tuesday. The scholarships, which will provide two students with a seven-year, all-expenses-paid school program, are meant to “promote equal… – NFL

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Charlottesville inspired Bills' Boldin to retire to continue fight for justice

A deadly, racially charged conflict in Charlottesville, Virginia, caused Anquan Boldin to re-assess his priorities and led to the Buffalo Bills receiver’s decision to retire after 14 NFL seasons. In an interview Monday on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Boldin said he’s “uncomfortable” with how divided the nation is and wants to dedicate his entire focus to humanitarian and criminal justice causes. ...

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Ex Neo-Nazi Urges Parents To Talk To Their Kids About Charlottesville

VANCOUVER — A former neo-Nazi from Vancouver says the violence in Charlottesville, Va., presents an opportunity for parents and educators to become more aware of how easily youth can be lured into a seemingly exciting but potentially deadly world of hate. Tony McAleer, 49, became immersed in white supremacy at age 15 when some skinheads befriended him through a subcu… ...

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Charlottesville: Canadians Who Attended White Supremacist Rally Identified

OTTAWA — At least two Quebec men have been identified after they travelled south to participate in a white supremacist rally last week in Charlottesville, Va. One of them took to Facebook to express his anger after an anti-fascist group posted a screen capture from the event that showed his face and that of four other men.

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Lions' Tate rips Trump over Charlottesville, considering protest

Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate became the latest athlete to criticize President Donald Trump for his tacit support of the white nationalist riots in Charlottesville, VA. Tate was incensed by Trump’s comments – in which the president appeared to justify the… NFL | theScore

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Donald Trump's Two Big Business Councils Disband Amid Uproar Over Charlottesville

The White House’s two advisory councils of top business executives disbanded on Wednesday amid intense public blowback against President Donald Trump’s response to the deadly attack by an accused white supremacist in Charlottesville, Virginia.  The move came two days after executives began resigning from the dwindling American Manufacturing Council and hours after t… HuffPost Canada – Athena2 – All Posts

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