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Unfair rule costs Johnson a playoff spot

Let’s get this out of the way. It’s not NASCAR’s fault that Jimmie Johnson’s car wheel-hopped as he tried to pass Martin Truex Jr. for the win on the final… Nascar Racing News, Photos, Stats, Scores, Schedule & Videos

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Pitching-change mixup costs Tribe in loss to Reds

CLEVELAND — When the bullpen door swung open in the ninth inning on Tuesday night, Indians manager Terry Francona was not expecting to see Dan Otero enter the field. With every step Otero took on his jog to the mound, Francona realized there had been a critical communication breakdown. With the bases loaded, the game on the line and Reds ...

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New study breaks down the costs of being an MLB fan and it isn't cheap

A baseball team suddenly getting good is a beautiful thing. The ballpark fills up, the t-shirts start popping up around town, and bars all over the city are full of people cheering on their favorite team. The not as beautiful thing? Becoming a fan becomes a lot more expensive. It’s never cheap to follow a sports team. Getting your favorite ...

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Wrong Turn Costs Austrian Cross-Country Skier An Olympic Medal

In what could easily be any Olympic athlete’s worst nightmare, an Austrian cross-country skier took a wrong turn during the Pyeongchang Winter Games on Sunday, destroying her chance of earning a medal. Teresa Stadlober was in second place in Sunday’s 30-kilometer mass start, with just 7 kilometers (or around 4 miles) to go, when the 25-year-old mistakenly veered right on a ...

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