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Stoking Islamophobia Should Bar Group From Quebec's Discrimination Talks

Would a farmer ask a fox to help design a security system for her free-range chickens? A group that stokes Islamophobia and defends an explicitly supremacist organization shouldn’t be part of a Public Consultation on Systemic Discrimination and Racism in Québec. The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) should be removed from the “list of selected organizations” for this ...

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Cricketer Mukund calls out his countrymen for discrimination

NEW DELHI (AP) An international cricketer has slammed the obsession of some of his Indian countrymen with fair skin, saying he’s long been targeted for abuse because of his complexion. In a series of Twitter posts, including one long statement, batsman Abhinav Mukund said people had been ”posting abuses” and ”saying absolutely derogatory things about the tone of my skin.” ...

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