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Kobe explains why he continues work out at 4 a.m.

Even in retirement, Kobe Bryant is still hitting the gym before sunrise. Bryant recently sat down with best-selling author Lewis Howes for a wide-ranging interview, and explained why he continues to maintain a strict workout schedule. “There’s several factors for that, like when I first retired, I let myself go a little a bit … and then the challenge was, ...

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Peyton Manning explains how his legendary 'Saturday Night Live' skit almost didn’t happen

Whenever an athlete is asked to host “Saturday Night Live,” we end up getting one of two things out of the episode: It’s either hilarious or it’s 90 minutes of total awkwardness.  Back in 2007, Peyton Manning hosted the show and his performance definitely falls in the first category. Although Manning produced several memorable skits, the one rem… Headlines

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