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Justin Trudeau Says 'Peoplekind' Remark Was A 'Dumb' Joke That Went Viral

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says an off-the-cuff remark he made during a town hall meeting about making the word mankind more inclusive was an attempt at humour that backfired — a joke that he now appears to regret. In an exchange between Trudeau and a woman asking about religious charities at the Edmonton … HuffPost Canada – Athena2 ...

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Marc Garneau Hits Bloc MP With Baby Powder Joke

OTTAWA — The transport minister had a little fun in question period on Monday, driving some laughs with a response to a Bloc MP’s question about knives and baby powder. Bloc Quebecois MP Louis Plamondon accused Transport Canada of appeasing to religious groups with its recent decision to allow Sikh travellers to wear small kirpans on flights. “They’re not allowed ...

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Top Tweets: Identity theft is not a joke, Rodgers

TWITTER HANDLE: @johnkrasinski POST: Kenny Mayne: We spent most of our Human Interest# story shoot watching @AaronRodgers12 drop Jim from The Office glances. Krasinski: Ha!  Nice try @AaronRodgers12 not even close!  I mean just look at the way your smile doesn’t even—or the fact that your eyes aren’t—oh my god… he’s nailing it. TOM’S TAKE: “Identity theft is not a joke, ...

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TNF is no longer a joke – it's the NFL's best product in 2017

Thursday Night Football has long been a punchline; a shorthand for sloppy play and bland matchups. Ever since its inception in 2006 – and especially since it was expanded to run for nearly the entire season in recent years – TNF has been an embarrassment for the NFL, which has soldiered on with the program despite inconsistent ratings, poor fan ...

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TBS host Casey Stern clarifies racially insensitive 'Oreo' joke

Casey Stern came under fire Wednesday for making a racially insensitive joke during a Major League Baseball pregame show on TBS. Stern said he had “become the cream in the middle of the Oreo cookie” as he sat between a broadcast crew of Pedro Martinez, Gary Sheffield, Jimmy Rollins, and Ryan Howard. Casey Stern on TBS just said: “I’ve become ...

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