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Report: NFL expected to change coach hiring rules in wake of McDaniels fallout

The NFL is considering changing the rules prohibiting teams from hiring coaches who are working with an active team, even in the playoffs, according to Judy Battista of Coaches are typically allowed to interview for openings while their current team’s season is ongoing, but a hiring can’t be made official. The proposed change has failed in previous league discussion ...

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Frank Reich answers awkward Josh McDaniels question, dominates first Colts presser

It’s hard to win over a fan base at your introductory press conference, but new Colts coach Frank Reich might have actually pulled that off.  First of all, he actually showed up to thing, which is more than we can say for Josh McDaniels, who agreed to <a href="… NFL Headlines

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The Reich guy: Colts handbrake turn to safe choice after McDaniels bet backfires

When a personal relationship ends poorly, the overriding response is usually to pivot to the exact opposite qualities of that person for your next connection. Your significant other was stubborn but passionate? Pivot to someone easy-going but uninspiring. Logical but difficulty connecting with people? Pivot to someone outgoing but impulsive. This kind of reactionary, handbrake turn into the opposite direction ...

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