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Entering Year 4, it's up to Mariota to reach tantalizing potential

2:48 PM ET NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Even with new coaches and heightened expectations, the Tennessee Titans still revolve around quarterback Marcus Mariota. Maximizing Mariota has been the Titans’ top goal this offseason, and an inability to do so in 2017 played a role in the firing of former head coach Mike Mularkey last month.

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Mojo Rawley teases Gronkowski's potential move to WWE

WWE’s Mojo Rawley thinks its inevitable that Rob Gronkowski will make the move to professional wrestling once his football-playing days are over. Rawley, who’s good friends with the New England Patriots tight end, hinted at the possible career change while chatting with <a hre… NFL | theScore

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Blogtable: Which potential buyout candidates could help a title-contender?

Shaun Powell: To be honest, nobody will be a difference-maker in the truest definition of the word; if they could still make a difference, their team never would’ve given up on them. The batch of players up for grabs will either be old or dealing with declining skills or both. That said,Joe Johnson has a history of taking big shots. That’s ...

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