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Starting strong: Top 10 Opening Day rotations

The proliferation of pitcher injuries and the evolution of the way games are managed has drastically diminished starting pitching workloads. But it hasn’t diminished the faith and fascination a great-on-paper rotation can inspire. If anything, our appreciation for starting stability, for the constant confidence that comes with pitching persistence, has only been augmented by an environment in which just 15 ...

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Ranking the top 5 MLB starting rotations ahead of spring training

Typically, the middle of February brings with it only replacement-level pitching on the free-agent market, and teams are left scrambling if one of their starters suffers a spring injury. However, after what has been a painfully slow offseason, teams will not have to scour through the leftovers. Instead, names such as Jake Arrieta, <a data-in-app-uri="thescore:///mlb/play… MLB | theScore

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Ranking the 5 best rotations after the trade deadline

As expected, both Yu Darvish and Sonny Gray were uprooted Monday, getting dealt shortly before the non-waiver trade deadline – by the only teams they’ve ever played for – in a pair of moves that dramatically improved the starting rotations of two division leaders. Now that the dust has settled, and teams know what their rotations will look like, barring ...

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