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Pereira: Kickoff is gone if new rules don't reduce concussions

The NFL is altering the kick return for the 2018 season, hoping to decrease the high number of injuries that happen on the play. But Mike Pereira, the league’s former head of officiating, said Friday on ‘PFT Live’ that if the changes don’t reduce concussions, the league will have to eliminate kickoffs altogether. “If at the end of this year ...

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Ravens lose 2 OTAs, fined for rules violation

6:45 PM ET The Baltimore Ravens have been forced to cancel their final two OTA practices, and the organization and coach John Harbaugh have been fined, after the team was found to have violated collectively bargained rules governing contact in offseason workouts. It’s the seco… – NFL

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Figure Skating Just Changed Its Rules To Fight Judges' National Bias

After years of concern that judges were favoring skaters from their own country, the International Skating Union has passed a resolution banning national bias. In a BuzzFeed News investigation this past February, more than 20 current and former judges, skaters, and coaches cited national bias as a widespread concern. And an exclusive data analysis found that 16 out of 48 ...

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NFL still rules the sports scene, but for how much longer?

The sudden, toothless, unclear policy announced by the NFL this week regarding protocol for national anthem observation became yet another public-relations disaster for a league seemingly insistent upon dragging its own reputation through the mud. In trying to simultaneously satisfy both supporters and critics of anthem protests with rules that permit players to remain in the locker room but fine ...

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Twitter reacts to NFL's new anthem rules

Twitter users were quick to share their opinions on the NFL’s anthem policy upon its announcement Wednesday. Related: NFL won’t require players to be on field for anthem; teams can be fined for protests Players and fans alike shared their overwhelming disapproval over rules that could punish players who … NFL | theScore

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