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Are you serious? 10 Opening Day overreactions

Just as any sentence that begins with “No offense, but…” inevitably ends with something offensive, any Opening Day observation that begins with “I’m not overreacting, but…” inevitably ends with an overreaction. We’re human, and we can’t help ourselves, especially after going 147 painful days without baseball games that counted. Just as any sentence that begins with “No offense, but…” inevit… ...

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WATCH: Kings' Derek Forbort takes skate to ear, narrowly avoids serious injury

There are plenty of dangers that present themselves in a sport in which players compete with knives strapped to their feet. We saw one of those dangers during Monday night’s Kings-Wild game in Minnesota, and it could have ended a lot worse. During the first period, Los Angeles defenseman Derek Forbort was involved in a sketchy se… Headlines

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LOOK: Angels prospect Jo Adell has got some serious hops

The Angels drafted outfielder Jo Adell with the 10th-overall pick of the 2017 draft in part because of his elite athleticism. Across two rookie levels last season, the 18-year-old Adell batted a robust .325/.376/.532 with eight triples and as many steals in 49 games. As for that vaunted athleticism, Mr. Adell displayed it for us at the local gym… ...

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