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Crawford prioritizing team 'fit' over NBA championships

Jamal Crawford has played 18 seasons in the Association and has yet to sniff an NBA championship. That doesn’t mean much to the crafty 38-year-old, after spending last season with the Minnesota Timberwolves under hard-nosed coach Tom Thibodeau where Crawford struggled to find a proper role. … NBA | theScore

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Longest home runs for every MLB team

Ever since Babe Ruth launched Major League Baseball into the live-ball era with his awe-inspiring home runs, wowed fans have been asking: “How far did that ball go?” Teams had their own methods for estimating home run distance for nearly a century. But now, the launch of Statcast™ has given us a whole new tool to answer the question, thanks ...

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LaVar Ball reaffirms that Lakers are still Lonzo's team even after signing LeBron James

It’s been a while since we’ve had any over-the-top comments from the big baller himself, LaVar Ball, but don’t worry. He’s back. During an appearance on a radio station in Los Angeles, LaVar made one of his most outrageous comments yet.  You see, even though LeBron James has signed with the <a href="… Headlines

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