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Report: MLB sent 6 teams a baseball prototype for pitchers to test

In hopes of potentially making life easier on pitchers, Major League Baseball sent six teams a prototype ball to test in spring training and the regular season, sources confirmed to <a href="… MLB | theScore

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No checkdowns: Why QB-hungry teams should shoot early in this year's draft

Quarterbacks are king in the NFL. They drive storylines, create headlines, lead teams, and give fan bases hope. It’s no secret that they fill the most important position in the game and without a good one, its extremely difficult to sustain success in the league. This year’s draft crop offers NFL teams with five viable options to have a potential ...

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No peaking: Teams seek unfinished products in NFL draft

9:20 AM ET From the sideline of a pro day, an NFL executive was unenthused by 40 times and more eager to peek at something else. “I’m looking for late-bloomers,” the exec said. He explained that players might have a 10-year window of peak performance. He’s looking for players who have… – NFL

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Ranking all 16 NBA playoff teams by tiers of contention

The NBA playoffs kick off Saturday afternoon, and every team heads in with their own aspirations. Here, theScore has grouped all 16 contenders into tiers that best define their expectations. Championship or bust <a data-in-app-uri="thescore:///nba/teams/22" href="https://www.the… NBA | theScore

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Ragan defends pit guns, says they've helped teams like FRM

Since the introduction of standardized pit guns at the start of the 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup season, there have been multiple complaints from the competitors. <a href="… – NASCAR – Stories

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