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How Butler, Gibson have helped Thibodeau set tone in Minnesota

Hang around a pregame NBA locker room long enough, and at some point, you’ll see an assistant coach fill a giant white board with the team’s points of emphasis for the night, scouting reports on opposing players, various defensive assignments and schemes, and other forms of basketball minutiae. The exception to this rule is the Minnesota Timberwolves‘ locker room, where ...

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Tom Thibodeau says Jimmy Butler (illness) should return to lineup tonight

* Tonight on NBA TV:  Thunder vs. Timberwolves (8 ET) Barring an unforeseen circumstance, the Minnesota Timberwolves’ starting lineup should get its All-Star back tonight. Wolves coach Tom Thibodeau said early Friday afternoon that swingman Jimmy Butler — who has missed the last two games due to an upper respiratory infection — is expected back in the l… News

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Butler recounts history with Thibodeau: 'We couldn't stand each other'

Tom Thibodeau is well established as one of the better defensive coaches in the NBA, but he’s also known for wearing out his players down the stretch with heavy minutes. Jimmy Butler has no problem with that. The All-Star swingman played under Thibodeau for five years on the Chicago Bulls, and reunited with him this offseason via a dr… NBA ...

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Thibodeau: Timberwolves 'can't wait on potential any longer'

For Tom Thibodeau, the time to act is now. Simply being touted as a young, up-and-coming team isn’t good enough. “If you’re waiting on potential, you’re waiting on losing,” the Minnesota Timberwolves bench boss told reporters Sunday after his team’s 142-110 preseason loss to the <a data-in-app-uri="thescore:///nba/teams/16" href="https://www.thesco… NBA | theScore

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Morning Tip Q&A: Tom Thibodeau

Me: Why Jamal? TT: The explosive scoring off the bench, and again, another veteran. He was Sixth Man of the Year two years ago; he’s done it three times since 2010. And again, coaching against him and seeing how explosive he is, and having another player that could fit with Jimmy and Wigg, I thought that was important. KAT Season ...

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