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Kershaw doesn't think he can win 300 games

Only 24 pitchers in big-league history have been able to crack the 300-win mark. Clayton Kershaw doesn’t believe he’ll become No. 25. The Los Angeles Dodgers left-hander, who is arguably the game’s best pitcher, is nearly halfway to 300 career wins (145) in his age-30 season, but that isn’t eno… MLB | theScore

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Embiid: 'I think our time is now'

Through four first-round games, the Philadelphia 76ers have looked very much like an Eastern Conference juggernaut, and nothing at all like the band of skittish playoff neophytes many expected. The Sixers are the only East team that holds a 3-1 lead, having so far weathered a stiff test from the ever-physical, veteran-laden <a data-in-app-uri="thescore:///nba/teams/13" href="https://www.thescore…. NBA | theScore

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Former Mavs employee: I think Cuban knew about harassment culture

Former Dallas Mavericks employee Melissa Weishaupt doubled down on her description of a toxic workplace with the team Tuesday. She believes owner Mark Cuban was fully aware of the sexual misconduct that has been described. “I think Mark knew about it, just because of how people talked in the office,” Weishaupt told the <a href="… NBA | theScore

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Study: 72 percent of Europeans think the Seattle Seagulls are an NFL team

Despite the NFL’s increased presence around the world, there are still plenty of misconceptions about American football. A whopping 72 percent of Europeans failed to recognize that the Seattle Seagulls are not a real NFL team, according to a survey by Kroon Casino, which quizzed 1,000 Europeans and Americans to see how much they know about each others’ versions of ...

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5 teams that will be better than you think

You’re going to tell me spring statistics aren’t worth a warm bucket of pine tar, aren’t you? You’re going to remind me I should not get worked up by anything that has happened in Florida or Arizona the past couple weeks. Truth is, spring performances do matter on a bunch of levels. Maybe they’re not important in evaluating Mike Trout ...

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