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Roberts: Kershaw will pitch in either MLB or Triple-A this weekend

Breathe, Los Angeles Dodgers fans: Clayton Kershaw‘s return is getting closer. The All-Star left-hander will get into a game this week for only the third time in the last two months, manager Dave Roberts announced Monday, though the location of that start remains in question. Kershaw will eithe… MLB | theScore

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Cashman not considering Torres trade: 'I've got to walk around this town'

The New York Yankees are one of the premier teams on the verge of competing for the 2018 World Series, and the club’s already been vocal about being active at July’s trade deadline. Just don’t expect the Yankees to dangle potential superstar <a data-in-app-uri="thescore:///mlb/players/4975" href="https… MLB | theScore

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MLB Doesn't Want You To See This Leaked Video Of A Manager Cussing Out An Umpire But Here It Is

Hallion runs up to Collins, saying, “Terry, Terry, Terry,” as the fired up manager yells at another umpire, “You cocksucker!” “That’s fucking bullshit,” Collins shouts. “Terry, get a handle. Come on let’s go,” Hallion says. “Talk to me.” “Tommy, that’s fucking bullshit and you know it,” Collins screams, his voice getting hoarser. “You’ve got to give us a shot. You’ve ...

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Spotlight on MLB: 6 storylines to follow this summer

Barely more than one-third of the way into the Major League Baseball season and heading toward the Midsummer Classic, the pastime starts to get a little bit more attention, particularly after the conclusion of the NBA and NHL seasons, and the Golden State Warriors and Washington Capitals crowned as champions of their respective leagues. With around 60 games played by ...

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