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Most underrated and overrated moves of 2017 NFL season

7:38 AM ET The inability to predict the future is a key failing of NFL analysis. Things happen throughout the year, and we’re often called upon to disc… – NFL PLEASE CLICK ON PUBLISHER AT END OF TEXT TO READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE

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We built a team using the most underrated players in MLB and it's … underrated

Calling anything “underrated” or “overrated” is always tough. The terms are 100 percent subjective and also somewhat nebulous. How are we defining how the item in question  is “rated” (RE: Viewed by the masses) and how do we decide that the entity is either better or worse than the widespread view? Again, it’s difficult.  It’s al… MLB Headlines PLEASE ...

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MLB Hot Stove: Twins seeking bullpen help and have an underrated closer in mind

On the morning of the 2017 trade deadline, the Minnesota Twins were 50-53 and five games back of the second wild-card spot with three teams ahead of them. The front office decided to sell, so impending free agent closer Brandon Kintzler was sent to the <a href="https://www.cbss… MLB Headlines PLEASE CLICK ON PUBLISHER AT END OF TEXT TO READ ...

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5 most underrated players so far this season

Going to work every day as an NHL player isn’t always as rewarding as it should be. Guys get banged up, barked at by coaches, and are sometimes overlooked for their excellent play or contributions to their team’s success. Such is the case for the following players, as all five are off to excellent starts to the season, but for ...

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Who's overrated, underrated in rankings?

9:19 AM ET FPI’s message to the ESPN Power Rankings panel is straight out of the Aaron Rodgers playbook: R-E-L-A-X. While there are plenty of teams that the two systems agree on, when they differ, it is by and large because the voters are making much more aggressive moves off of this season’s action than FPI is comfortable with. Sixteen ...

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Underrated traits that make NFL's top 15 players special

7:29 AM ET NFLRank — our list of the top 100 players headed into the 2017 season — is out. Debate the rankings how you want, but I’m looking ahead to what makes the top 15 great. Not the obvious, ridiculous skill sets that jump off the screen when you turn on the tape. What are the under-the-radar attributes that ...

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