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Pitching to make a difference (VIDEO)

Eight-year-old Hailey Dawson is throwing out first pitches with her robotic hand at all the MLB ballparks this summer to bring awareness to a rare birth defect, Poland syndrome. … FOX Sports Digital

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Way up there! Workers install highest steel beam at new LA Stadium (VIDEO)

2020 can’t get here fast enough. The LA Stadium, the future home of the Rams, Chargers and so much more, had a little celebration on Tuesday when crews ‘Topped Out’ the venue … a tradition to commemorate the placement of the highest steel beam on the structure. <img data-sizes="(max-width: 425px) 100vw,(max-width: 767px) 100vw,(min-wid… FOX Sports Digital

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MLB Doesn't Want You To See This Leaked Video Of A Manager Cussing Out An Umpire But Here It Is

Hallion runs up to Collins, saying, “Terry, Terry, Terry,” as the fired up manager yells at another umpire, “You cocksucker!” “That’s fucking bullshit,” Collins shouts. “Terry, get a handle. Come on let’s go,” Hallion says. “Talk to me.” “Tommy, that’s fucking bullshit and you know it,” Collins screams, his voice getting hoarser. “You’ve got to give us a shot. You’ve ...

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Manfred unhappy video of Collins' argument with umpire leaked

Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred was one of the few people not entertained by a recently leaked video of former New York Mets manager Terry Collins having an expletive-laden exchange with umpires during the 2016 season. The video showed Collins running out to the field to defend pitcher <a data-in-app-uri="thescore:///mlb/players/4246" href="… MLB | theScore

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Video Surfaces Of Ex-Mets Manager Terry Collins' Profane Rant At Ump

Ever wonder how the conversation might go between a manager and an umpire after your star pitcher is ejected from the game? Whatever you imagined, this much is true: Imagine more curse words. And for some reason, at least one inscrutable, oft-repeated phrase involving a butt and a jackpot.  We know this thanks to a heated exchange between former Mets manager ...

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Watch the Russia 2018 Official Song music video

With the one week to go milestone passed, how can we crank up the excitement for the start of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ another notch? With the release of the music video for the tournament’s Official Song! Fans have been getting in the mood for the 14 June kick-off for the past two weeks by listening to ‘Live ...

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